1. What will you do tomorrow?

# I'll help my mom with the housework.

2. When will you finish?

# In the afternoon.

3. What will we do in class today?

# We'll play some word games.

4. Where will they put the table?

# They'll put it next to the window.

5. When will Joe leave for New York?

# He'll leave right after dinner.

6. How will he get there?

# He'll take the bus.

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Eklenti 45

Note: Another way of talking about the future is with the phrase "be going to" + verb.
For example,

I am going to eat out tonight.
Mr. Wolfe is going to stay home. What are you going to do tomorrow?
I'm going to visit my grandmother. How are you going to get there?
I'm going to walk through the forest.
Please be careful!