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Be used to

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Be used to something Be used to doing Be used to is an expression. It ...

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    Be used to

    Be used to something
    Be used to doing

    Be used to is an expression. It is not a tense. If I say "I am used to Thailand", it is like saying "I am accustomed to Thailand."

    Structure of Be used to

    subject + be + used to + object

    If the object invoves a verb, we use the -ing form:


    Use of Be used to

    The be used to expression is for talking about something that is familiar to us or easy for us.

    For example:

    * I am used to driving on the left.

    It means that it is not a problem for me to drive on the left of the road. I am Japanese. In Japan, people drive on the left. Now I am living in the USA where people drive on the right. Of course, I drive on the right in the USA, but when I go to Japan it is easy for me to drive on the left because "I am used to it".

    Look at these examples.

    * I am used to hard work.
    * I am used to working hard.
    * He is not used to New York.
    * He isn't used to living in New York.
    * Are you used to fast food?
    * Are you used to eating quickly?


    We can use be used to in any tense. We just conjugate the verb be in the tense that we need.

    Look at these examples:

    * When we lived in Bangkok, we were used to hot weather.
    * I have been used to snakes for a long time.
    * You will soon be used to living alone.

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