Silas Marner ( Kendi Özetimdir )..


Araştırma Görevlisi
There was a man in Raveloe. His name was silas Marner. He was very strange. He had lived in Raveloe for fifteen years, with no chanege in his life. Nobdoy knew anything about him, because of they were afreaid of him. He liked to live alone and he was a weaver.

Silas had a big secret, so that others didn't learnt or knew it.

That secret was...

He had a closest friend William Dane who lived in Lantern Yard. William was older than Silas, but he seemed younger. Silas loved him too much. He trusted himn all time.

Silas had a girl friend, Sarah. He loved her so much. Also William knew her, because Silas brought him when he met Sarah. They fell in love and they decided to wait till they had the money needed.

One day, suddenly happened somethings in the church, Raveloe. A bag of money was stolen. silas had been in the church that time. His knife found there. Then the people searched his house . William found the bag behind the picture.

Silas understood the bad game late. He was surprised and angry with William. After that, he was kicked the church.

He was so alone, so he wanted to go Sarah. But, he thaought that Sarah wouldn't believed him. Two or three days after, Sarah sent a message with the minister. She didn't see him anymore and she would married with William Dane.

One dark November evening, fifteen yeas after Silas had first came to Raveloe. Some of the villiagers were drinking in the inn, Rainbow. Mr. Macey was talking about Squire's wife and his sons.

Squire Cass was the most important person in Raveloe. He was a farmer and had three sons. His wife had died many years ago.

Dunstan Cass who was one the children of Squire's. He was always barrowing money, but never paying it back.

Bob Cass and Godfrey Cass were another children of Squire's.

Mr. Godfrey lent money to Dunstan a month ago. He wanted him that money, but Dunstan didn't accept that. He threatened Godfrey about his secret.

His secret was about his wife, Molly. He had marrid with her, But he didn't love her. He fell in love to Nancy. And she didn't know about that secret.

Godfrey needed the money. He must gived the money Mr. Squire, because of he gave a horse, Wildfire.

Godfrey decided to sell own horse, Wildfire, because he had no chance anymore. But, he had no time for selling. He was going to go birthday dance on Christmas. So, he gave the horse, Wildfire, Dunstan for selling.

The next day, Dunstan rode the horse to the hunting place. He drank a lil bit whisky there then he joined the other hunters. Suddenly the horse and the rider, Dunstan, fell down while tey where jumping a gate. Poor Wildfire's back was broken and then he died there. Dunstan was angry. He needed a new plan to offer godfrey. He kept thinking abaout Silas' gold. There would bee enough for himself and Godfrey.

He went to Silas' house fast. The door unlocked. There was nobody in house. Dunstan started to look araound for Silas' golds. Then he discovered the Silas' hiding place. There was two bag in. He took its and then into the darkness.

Silas was at a hundred metres from the house. He was walking araound. He had been hungry, so he returned to house. He ate the dinner. Then, he relaised something, somebody had came the house. He looked the bags of gold, but there was no bags in hiding place. Silas was angry so much. he was crying for it.

He ran out from the house to the inn, Rainbow. Mr Macey and the others were surprised for it. They took two police and went to Silas' house. They searched the house, but there was no tip from the theaf.

The next day, the people of Raveloe were talking that, except Godfrey. He was thinking Dunstan. He was wondering what happened him and his horse. He rode the horse and went to the town. At the way of town, he saw Bryce who was one of the hunters. Byrce said him everything about Dunstan's accident. He was so angry. He decided to say that his father. That night he talked his father.

The christmas came soon. The villagers weren alone Silas.The got the gifts and the cakes for him. Everbody was helping Silas. Godfrey was sad, because he tought, Dunstan would came to the new year and say everything abaout his secret to Nancy. But he was also happy, because he was going to dance with Nancy in the party. He loved Nancy so much.

Everybody was at the dance party except Silas. Silas was walking around his house.

When they were at dance party, Godfrey's wife was walking araound the Raveloe with her girls. She was so cold. Suddenly, she fell down to snow with her girl. Then the girl standed and called her mother but no voice from her mother. She had died there, but the girl didn't know it. She saw the house with unlocked door. She ran into the house and sat in front of the fire. Then she slept there.

Silas was so surprised to see the girl in front of the fire in his house. He took the girl. She took to her mother away from the house. Silas got the girl and went to the dance party fast by fast.

Everybody was perplexed, Godfrey was more... He had been fear so much, beucause Silas had taken his daughter with near. He thought that it was in the end of everything. Then they took the doctor and went to the died woman. The fallowin day, the died woman, Molly, was burned by the Raveloes.

Silas took the girl for growing with himself. He called her Eppie. Because, that name was his sister's name. She had died when he was child.

Godfrey was so happy. Anymore, he had no problem with Molly, he could marry with Nancy. Then they married that christmas.

After sixteen years, one day....

The Dunstan's died body was found nearer Raveloe. They know it because, there were his watch and his rings. And what was important than Silas' bags of gold with near it.

Godfrey returned his house and began to talk with Nancy. He told about it and his secret. He was boring with his secret, Nancy must knew that. Nancy had been so surprised but she hadn't been angry with him.

He and Nancy decided to take Eppie from Silas. Then they came to the Silas' house. They talked about Dunstan and Eppie. Eppie didn't go with them. She wanted to stay with Silas as known her father.

Godfrey was sad but he knew that Eppie was right.

Eppie was going to marry with Aoron. Godfrey decided to help their wedding.

Anymore, Godfrey wanted her happiness....


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