John Steinbeck - The Pearl


Araştırma Görevlisi
Ekli dosyayı görüntüle 2651 Kino is a young and very poor fisherman. Although he even not married officially with his wife Juana, they already have a little child named Coyotito. As other fishermen families Kino’s one is very poor. They live at small house made from pieces of wood and sleep on the ground. The only wealth Kino’s family has is their little and old canoe. Without canoe fisherman cannot fed his family. Beside fish village people hunts pearls at sea. The sell pearls to buyers at city, but they work together and always cheat poor people. There is also a racial hatred between city and village people. One day a scorpion stung a little Coyotito and Juan feared of death her only child persuaded Kino to carry child to the doctor. But doctor always hated poor people who cannot paid for his service.

Level: pre-intermediate
Genre: novella
Length: long
Total words: 18669

Film version: The Pearl (2001)

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