Trans-Global Connect is offering employment opportunities for Turkish scholars, in the fields of :

(1) Turkish Language Studies
(2) Middle Eastern Language Studies (with an emphasis on Arabic)
(3) Math
(4) Ottoman History

The opportunities we offer are intended to be supplemental in nature to the persons’ main source of income. In other words, our offer can be additional employment if you are already working for an organization. Also, interested persons should be able to teach effectively using a variety of information technology platforms.

Candidates that are interested in this opportunity should provide the following material. All material should be scanned and emailed.

(1) Cover letter
(2) Resume or curriculum vitae which contains educational background, peer reviewed journal publications, conference presentations, current employment status, online teaching experience, and student success assessment experience.
(3) 3 References
(4) Google+, or Skype account to be used during an internet conference for initial screening
(5) Official transcripts

The required material should be sent to the following email address:

Candidates that pass the initial screening will be contacted for Skype interviews. Those that pass the secondary screening will be contacted to submit additional material to become a part of the Trans-Global Connect talent portfolio. When chosen from that portfolio by one of our clients, further discussion will take place regarding terms of employment which include:

(1) Courses to be taught!
(2) Hours of employment!
(3) Compensation for employment (i.e., salary)!

Further information regarding Trans-Global Connect can be found at the following website: