Eklenti 2678 ‘The Diamond Hunters’ is a story about two brothers, Johnny and Benedict. Johnny struggles to hold on to the one thing that he has worked his whole life to build, his father’s diamond mining business, and Benedict uses the overwhelming tools he has been given to completely destroy Johnny’s life. He has never gotten along with his father. The man disowned him at an early age and never visited, but kept him in the business for his uncanny knack at finding diamond fields. Johnny worked like a madman to earn the Old Man’s respect, and believed he was making progress right up until the very end. When Johnny learns that he has been included in the Old Man’s will and given an equal share to that of Benedict and his sister, he believes that his father has accepted him.

Level: pre-intermediate
Genre: thriller
Length: medium
Total words: 11223

Film version: The Diamonds Hunters (2001)

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Eklenti 2679