Eklenti 2582 Salahadin is an inspector in the Egyptian police. His job is to protect Egyptian antiquities. An antiquity is something which is very old. There are many antiquities in Egypt. Most of them are valuable. Many of them are in museums in Cairo or in Europe. But there are many others which have not yet been found. These antiquities are buried under the sands, in tombs or in pyramids. There are many archeologists working in Egypt. Archeologists study ancient cities and tombs. Sometimes they find antiquities. They must give all these antiquities to the Egyptian Government. But some archeologists try to keep them. Salahadin’s job is to stop this happening. Salahadin has studied history at Cairo University and at the University of London. He has visited many museums in Cairo and in Europe. ur picture. No one has got that picture. Kate Hermann’s picture is famous, because the colours of the dinosaurs are correct. Dinosaur pictures usually have all the colours wrong.

Level: elementary
Genre: crime, detective
Length: short
Total words: 7632

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