Eklenti 2578 Sunnyvista is a city in the future, a place where all you have to do is sunbathe, watch TV and play sports. Nobody knows why they are in Sunnyvista or what is happening outside the city, but everybody is happy – everybody except Dan. One day Dan suddenly woke up earlier than usually. Earlier that all of the people in the city. He is understood why this happened – he didn’t eat several days. He felt hungry. No one felt hungry in Sunnyvista City ever! He started to remember such unusual for him feelings as hungry, angry. He started think clearly. He started to remember all thing that happened from time when he started starve. And his wife forget the conversation that was a minute ago! Dan thought maybe some drugs are in the food? He decided to find out more..

Level: elementary
Genre: fantasy, fiction
Length: shorter
Total words: 3192

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Eklenti 2579