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Adverbs of Frequency

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Adverbs of Frequency answer the question " How often? " or " How frequently? " ...

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    Adverbs of Frequency

    Adverbs of Frequency answer the question "How often?" or "How frequently?" They tell us how often somebody does something.

    Adverbs of frequency come before the main verb (except the main verb "to be"):

    * We usually go shopping on Saturday.
    * I have often done that.
    * She is always late.

    Occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently and usually can also go at the beginning or end of a sentence:

    * Sometimes they come and stay with us.
    * I play tennis occasionally.

    Rarely and seldom can also go at the end of a sentence (often with "very"):

    * We see them rarely.
    * John eats meat very seldom.

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