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Ben d secenegi derdim. Cumleyi iki cumle olarak dusunursek, virgule kadar olan kisimda olayin 25 ...

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    Ben d secenegi derdim. Cumleyi iki cumle olarak dusunursek, virgule kadar olan kisimda olayin 25 senedir( for exactly twenty-five years) surdugunu anliyoruz. Ikinci cumlede ise anlik bir olay var. Dolayisiyla birinci kisimda perfect lik olmali diye dusundum. Dolayisiyla a,c secenekleri gider. Ikinci kisima baktigimizda she dedigi kisiye ozel odul verileceginden bahsediyor olmali. Odul verme olayi baskasi tarafindan yapilacagindan cumlede passive lik olmali diye dusundum. D seceneginde ikinci kisimda is being presented kalibi var. Zamanlar cok baglantili olmasada ben d derdim. Cevap nedir?

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    Teşekkürler Hocam
    cevabınız doğru
    çok teşekkür ederim

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    Rica ederim

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    merhaba arkadaşlar pronouns sorusu çözebilen varsa lütfen yardım edebilir mi?
    1)After Ben Johnson broke the 100 metre world record at the Olympic Games in 1988,....... was found that he had taken illegal drugs to help ... run so fast.
    a)it/him b)he/his c)she/its d)that/his e)he/him

    2)As one of the most common forms of communication within an office environment, the memorandum serves as a quick note to convey information from .... section of the company to.....
    a)one/another b)the/others c)a/other d)either/all e)all/either

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    1. sorunun cevabi "a" olmali. Yasal olmayan yollarla ilac aldiginin bulunmus olmasi "it" ile ifade edilir. Ayrica ikinci kisim icin, cumlede "he" gectigi icin bosluga "him" olmalidir.

    2. sorunun cevabi "a" dir diye dusunuyorum. From one.........................to another kalibi kullanilmis.

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    hocam çook teşekkür ederim cevaplarınız doğru

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    Macro and Microeconomics
    Macro and microeconomics are the two vantage points from which
    the economy is observed. Macroeconomics looks at the total output
    of a nation and the way the nation allocates its limited resources of
    land, labor and capital in an attempt to maximize production levels
    and promote trade and growth for future generations. After observing
    the society as a whole, Adam Smith noted that there was an "
    invisible hand" turning the wheels of the economy: a market force
    that keeps the economy functioning. Microeconomics looks into
    similar issues, but on the level of the individual people and firms
    within the economy. It tends to be more scientific in its approach, and
    studies the parts that make up the whole economy. Analyzing certain
    aspects of human behavior, microeconomics shows us how
    individuals and firms respond to changes in price and why they
    demand what they do at particular price levels. Micro and
    macroeconomics are intertwined; as economists gain understanding
    of certain phenomena, they can help nations and individuals make
    more informed decisions when allocating resources. The systems by
    which nations allocate their resources can be placed on a spectrum
    where the command economy is on the one end and the market
    economy is on the other. The market economy advocates forces
    within a competitive market, which constitute the "invisible hand", to
    determine how resources should be allocated. The command
    economic system relies on the government to decide how the
    country's resources would best be allocated. In both systems,
    however, scarcity and unlimited wants force governments and
    individuals to decide how best to manage resources and allocate
    them in the most efficient way possible. Nevertheless, there are
    always limits to what the economy and government can do.
    boşa mı kürek çekiyoruz yoksa !!!

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    macro and mıcroeconomıcs kelimeleri
    vantage üstünlük
    observe gözlemek
    look at bakmak
    output ürün
    nation ulus
    the way yol,şekil
    allocate tahsis etmek
    limited sınırlı
    resource kaynak
    land arazi
    labor işci
    capital başkent,sermaye
    in an attempt to …amacıyla
    production üretim
    promote ilerletmek
    trade ticaret
    growth büyüme
    generation nesil,üretim
    whole tüm
    note açıklamak
    invisible görülmez
    turn döndürmek
    wheel tekerlek
    market piyasa
    force güç,zorlamak
    function çalışmak
    look into araştırmak
    similar benzer
    issue konu
    individual birey
    firm şirket,sıkı
    tend to eğilimli olmak
    scientific bilimsel
    approach yaklaşım
    make up oluşturmak
    analyze incelemek
    certain belli,bazı,kesin
    aspect durum,cephe
    behavior davranış
    respond to yanıt vermek
    change değiştirmek
    price fiat
    intertwine birbirine karışmak
    gain kazanmak
    phenomena olay
    make decision karar vermek
    place yerleştirmek
    spectrum yelpaze
    command emir,emretmek
    advocate savunmak
    competitive rekabetci
    constitute oluşturmak
    determine belirlemek
    rely on güvenmek
    however fakat,ama
    scarcity kıtlık
    unlimited sınırsız
    decide karar vermek
    manage yönetmek
    efficient etkili
    possible mümkün,olası
    nevertheless yinede
    boşa mı kürek çekiyoruz yoksa !!!

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    Colors of Ancient Egypt
    Color (Ancient Egyptian name 'iwen') was considered an integral
    part of an item's or person's nature in Ancient Egypt, and the term
    could interchangeably mean color, appearance, character, being, or
    nature. Items with similar color were believed to have similar
    properties. Colors were often paired: silver and gold were
    considered complementary colors (i.e. they formed a duality of
    opposites just like the sun and moon). Red complemented white
    (think of the double crown Ancient Egypt), and green and black
    represented different aspects of the process of regeneration.
    Where a procession of figures is depicted, the skin tones alternate
    between light and dark ochre.Purity of colour was important to
    Ancient Egyptians and the artist would usually complete everything
    in one color before moving on to the next. Paintings would be
    finished off with fine brushwork to outline the work and add limited
    interior detail.The degree to which Ancient Egyptian artists and
    craftsmen mixed colors varies according to dynasty. But even at its
    most creative, color mixing was not widely spread. Unlike today's
    pigments which give consistent results, several of those available to
    Ancient Egyptian artists could react chemically with each other, for
    example lead white when mixed with orpiment (yellow) actually
    produces black.
    ancient eski
    consider düşünmek
    integral bütün,gerekli
    item öğe,parça
    term terim,koşul
    interchangeable birbiriyle
    mean anlamına gelmek
    appearance görünüş
    believe inanmak
    property özellik
    pair eş,eşleştirmek
    silver gümüş
    gold altın
    complementary tamamlayıcı
    form şekil,şekillendirmek
    duality ikilik
    complement tamamlamak
    crown taç
    represent temsil etmek
    process işlem
    regeneration yenilenme
    procession kafile,alay
    figure şekil,rakam
    depict anlatmak
    skin cilt,deri
    tone ton
    alternate degiştirmek
    ochre toprak boya
    purity saflık
    usually genellikle
    complete tamamlamak
    move on devam etmek
    finish off bitirmek
    fine hoş,ceza
    outline taslak
    interior iç
    craftsman usta
    vary değişmek
    according to -e göre
    dynasty hanedanlık
    even bile,düz,pürüzsüz
    creative yaratıcı
    widely yaygın olarak
    spread yaygın,yayılmak
    unlike aksine
    consistent tutarlı
    result sonuç
    several birkaç
    available to ulaşılabilir
    react tepki göstermek
    each other birbirlerine
    lead kurşun,başkanlık
    mixed karışık
    actually aslında
    produce üretmek
    boşa mı kürek çekiyoruz yoksa !!!

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    "As" ve "while" zaman zarf cümleciği oluştururken (iken) aynı anlamdadır.
    Ör. As/While he was presenting the topic, he made use of graphs. (konuyu sunarken, grafiklerden faydalandı) gibi.

    1. olarak anlamında > She works as a teacher.
    2. gibi anlamında > Do it as I told you. (sana söylediğim gibi yap)
    3. karşılaştırma cümlelerinde > She is as clever as him. / She is the same age as you.
    4. sebep belirtirken > As he is busy, he may not answer your call.

    1. doğrudan zıtlık belirtmek için "whereas" ile aynı anlamda. She prefers tea, while I like coffee.

    Örnekler arttırılabilir. "Zaman" açısından aynı anlama sahip olmakla birlikte farklı kullanımları sözkonusudur.

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